This study discusses the effectiveness of the financial performance of Badan Amil Zakat (BAZNAS) in the distribution process of zakat funds (through zakat agents?), namely Jogja Taqwa, Jogja Peduli, Jogja Sehat, Jogja Cerdas, Jogja Sejahtera from 2012-2016. This research that was conducted in BAZNAS Yogyakarta, specifically analyzes the distribution of zakat funds using the Allocation to Collection Ratio (ACR) analysis method. It measures the ability of the zakat institution (BAZNAZ?) in distributing (the zakat fund?) (through zakat agents?) by dividing the total allocation funds to their total collection funds and comparing financial statements for several periods. The results of this study show the levels of effectiveness of zakat distribution of each year, year 2012 shows a "fairly effective" score, year 2013 is at the "effective" level, year 2014 shows an "effective" score, the score level of 2015 was "highly effective" and the analysis shows a "fairly effective" score  in 2016 .