International Conference of Moslem Society (ICMS) is an International Conference organized by the Postgraduate of State Institute on Islamic Studies of Purwokerto. This conference is expected to produce communication and share of scientific ideas that can be packed in the process as authentic evidence. The process is expected to further strengthen networks and communication among academics and researchers from all countries involved in it. This conference is held annually in different universities of all members' of this association and is expected to be a means of building friendship and good cooperation among all experts and countries joining this conference. This conference discusses Muslim communities in ASEAN countries, especially in the fields of economics, education, law, communication and Islamic studies. Through this International Conference of Moslem Society (ICMS), we hope to contribute to the progress of the Muslim community. In addition, all will be able to build collaboration in the academic field, especially research both lecturers and researchers to discuss and analyze the results of research in the fields of education, economics, law, communication and politics in the ASEAN Region.