This paper is intended to describe how religiosity management in improving the professionalism of teachers. Religiosity is not synonymous with religion. It should be a religious person it is at once a religious person, too. But a lot happens, the adherents of a religion that is persistent, but with a motivated or career advancement. Educational institutions require professional management in order to provide education to walk dynamically, competetif, and productive. This is done for education in the process should lead to the approach to God and human perfection, directing people to achieve his life goal is a happy afterlife. Management includes planning, execution, control, and monitoring of the (human resources, learning resources, curriculum, funding and facilities) to achieve educational goals effectively and efficiently. Educational planning has an important role and are at an early stage in the process of education management, which serve as a guide for implementation, control, and supervision of education. The essence of planning is a decision-making process that is systematic, relating to future plans, and to achieve certain desired objectives. And to overcome the limitations of the ability, willingness, and its resources in achieving educational goals needed organizing in education. Implementing an educational institution is the key of success of an educational institution. Teachers as professional educators have a good image in the community if it can demonstrate to the public that he is worthy of being a role model or example of the surrounding community. Teacher behavior patterns associated with it will be discussed in accordance with the objectives, namely the teachers' professional attitude towards laws and regulations, professional organizations, colleagues, students, work place, leadership, and work. A teacher not only reflects a profession, but a representation of different positions which is very noble. Teacher is a hero selfless, unsung hero, a hero of science, goodness hero, heroes education, human builders, the builders of civilization, culture bearer, piorir, reformer and reliable, and etc.