Indonesia as a country that has the wealth of natural resources, human resources and cultural resources, has a dream to become a great nation and aligned with other nations. Education is one of the keys to success for Indonesia to achieve its goals. The state made various efforts in the framework of educating the nation assisted by the community. In 1998 a group of community initiated a concept of education known as the Green school. Green school has two great vision, which are: (1) Establish rahmatan lil alamin generation, (2) Indonesia as green and peaceful country. Currently, the development of green school in Indonesia are very rapidly both in terms of quality and quantity. This journal is based on qualitative research of a case study on Bogor green school and Baturraden green school studied during July-August 2016. Data were collected through participant observation, in-depth interviews, triangulation and documentation while data analysis techniques using Spradley. The results showed that the curriculum of green school are capable of forming students akhlakul karimah, students logical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of students as a preparation to face the challenges of the 21st century.