Community Based on Mosque in Banyumas

  • Sulkhan Chakim State Institute on Islamic Studies Purwokerto
Keywords: cultural capital, education, empowering, advocacy, community


The issue of poverty which afflict developing countries due to  structural and cultural poor. To solve and overcome the poor problems, the efforts made by the government in the administration of Jokowi-Kala, and targets to be achieved is lower poverty levels of the population. Departing from the problems of poverty and the efforts of the government program, the program is still a lot of problems and has not received seriously attention. Community empowerment programs involving a religious institution located. Mosque as the "core" program and empowerment of the people. That is based empowerment program of the mosque as changes. It used with approach to Asset-Based-Community Developoment, where communities are viewed as social groups are always dealing with the challenges of the new power to maintain its existence and survival. One of strategies is used by mobilizing assets for social improvement. The type  research approach is used  by action research in three orientations, namely education, empowerment, and advocacy. While the subjects were 12 Muslim prayer groups and the population is 180 people in  Berkoh village, South Purwokerto, Banyumas. The findings of this study, most gorups of  “ majelis taklim”  al Barakah group classified as poor, and they involved either debt “bank plecit” in Dasa Wisma activity. Meanwhile, they do not have any additional effort. In this context, the establishment of economic institution and intrepreuneurship training which is  manifested through  empowerment and a advocacy congregation. Activities and spirituality (yasinan, reading al Barzanzi, and hadlhrah) are a tradition that can be seen as a collective potential. It to develop the capacity of group, strength, power, and resources, which are effective for the benefit of the economic capital accumulation more


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