In year 2010, the government had an idea to organize character education. It was urged by moral decadence that has happened in Indonesia. The government have formulated 18 values  that had to be planted in every school. One of them is religious value. Based on al-Ghāzali view, school refraction is the best way to internalize value. Because with school refraction, children will be refracted sustainablely and consistently until  value which is internalized is applied strongly. This research is field research. This research aims to know religious value internalization by shaking hand refraction at Islamic Integrated Elemantary School Annida Sokaraja. Writer chooses the school because it really focuses on character education with its point of view prepare  next generation whom is pious, intelligent, skilled, creative and innovative. The research result shows that shaking hand refraction activity internalizes religious value especially about social intercourse between boy and girl. Diference way of shaking hand between students class 1-3 and 4-5, that students class 1-3 may touch opposite sex but students class 4-6 may not touch opposite sex, gives knowledge that a boy and a girl may not touch each other. It is knowing aim. Makin. Shaking hand refraction makes students can do shaking hand which is appropriate with Islamic Ethic and it also build students’ character that can limit theirselve in social intercourse with opposite sex. They are doing and being aim.