Human is an ululalbab, which have main duty to think hard to make progress with seeking meaning of every God creation on the earth, because every God creation always has advantages. In this context, human is challenged to develop his potential thinking and ability as far as his maximum limits and also to be creative and productive. Therefore, the feat of human thinking which is characterized by the rapid advances in science and technology is a necessity to get simplicity and prosperity of his life. The advances of Science and Technology have given the material prosperity of human life. A wide variety of living facilities is more enjoyed. On the other hand, they have negative impact. The advances of Science and Technology have made the transformation and disorientation of life, conflict of interest, dehumanization symptom, demoralization, materialism, hedonism, and pragmatism. Human often find themselves in dilemmatic and ironic situations. Therefore, the human of modern age are required to have reserve (accept with caution) attitude and adaptive. The reserve attitude is needed to protect himself, so that his mind will be strong to encounter the change which often contradict with religious and humanity values, by strengthen the spiritual belief. The adaptive attitude is needed to supply himself to be independent, exist, and survive in the middle of uncertain orientation and transformation by mastering a specific skill.