Da'wah is essential for religious life, including religion. However, the meaning of da’wah in the present context, should not be understood in the narrow sense, only called into the path of God (truth) alone. However, a more comprehensive understanding of the da’wah can be interpreted as an attempt to invite and encourage people to participate in the development process of the nation. Because after all mental and spiritual people of Indonesia in the development process is no less important factor. In other words, assessing the success of da’wah by using indicators, the extent to which religious persons engaging proactively in the development of the nation. Of course, such involvement in the development process not only physically, but more essential is laying the foundation, the values ​​of nation-building spiritual dimension. Thus, religion has an arduous task but once glorious in directing national development and economic development of a nation. Religion should be able to give a description of a possible trade off various alternative economic development issues.