Pendidikan Multikultural Upaya Membangun Keberagaman Inklusif di SMA Negeri 1 Bumiayu Kabupaten Brebes

  • Siti Bariroh State Institute on Islamic Studies Purwokerto
Keywords: multiculturalism, education, tolerance, diversity


The people of Indonesia are heterogeneous, in terms of religion or kepecayaan, culture, ethnicity, language and culture, because Indonesia is a country that Berbhineka Tunggal Ika, with a classification of social, cultural and excellence culture and geography, is one of the biggest advantages of a multicultural world , The roots of multicultural education, coming from intensive care to spread the views on the importance of the background of learners, both in terms of aspects of culture, ethnicity and religion. Educational attention in earnest background of learners is the forerunner for the emergence of multicultural education.        Multicultural education is composed of two terms, namely education and multicultural. Education means the development process and the attitude of a person or group of conduct in an attempt to mature through teaching, training, processes, and how to educate. Multicultural interpreted as cultural diversity, a variety of politeness. The concept of multicultural education in the journey widespread, especially countries that have ethnic diversity, rationalism, religion and culture like Indonesia.   SMA Negeri 1 Brits Brebes are public school students come from various backgrounds, ranging from the academic year 2011-2016 has been practicing multicultural education, given its students are not from the same religion, namely Islam, but there are also students who are non-Muslims are Catholic and Protestant, with an approach and interviews with parents guardians and students, they are welcomed, the provision of teaching of religious education non-Muslims, and runs well without any intimidation and discrimination, because the kids are already observed by the schools in following the teachings of his religion, although in the District brebes no teacher of Religious Education in addition to Islam, with the help of the church, can run smoothly, from planning, mobilization, organization and evaluation and control are done by the school, school committees and offices of National Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs Brebes Brebes. In this research use, qualitative research methods, by presenting a wide range of anchovies in favor, with the data collection through: observation, interviews, and questionnaires to the school principal, school committees, teachers Muslims and non-Muslims, and elderly parents are Muslim and non-Muslims, as well as the students were Muslims and non-Muslims to Obtain valid the data, the number of students taking the population of parents and guardians are non-Muslims, principals, school committees and teachers partly that Muslims and non-Muslims.


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