The Completion of The Financing Problems in Islamic Banks

  • Indiyani Nurchasanah State Institute on Islamic Studies Purwokerto
Keywords: financing problems, islamic banks


This article aims to examine the factors that cause the occurrence of financing problems and solution in islamic Bank is a financial institution that serves as intermediary between parties with excess funds with those who lack the funds in practice every year also experienced a credit crunch. This research is a literature study, namely the academic research which main objective is to develop the theoretical aspect or aspects of the practical benefits. The object of study in this research is the completion of the financing problems in islamic Banks. Problems in financing may occur caused by several factors, among others: the internal factors of the bank, factors internal customers, external factors, failure factors of business as well as the inability of the management. In order to save islamic banks from financing problems and help the customer in order to complete its obligations then the islamic bank can perform restructuring through: rescheduling (rescheduling); reconditioning systems (terms back); restructuring (re-structuring). However if the third restructuring effort was not successful, then the islamic bank can conduct settlement financing problems through: foreclosure of the collateral, the arbitration board of the national sharia, and settlement through litigation. The completion of the financing problems in Islam run through the mechanism of the peace (al-sulh), arbitration (tahkim), and/or the court (al-Qadha).


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