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Author Guidelines

  1. The submission is a critical review, idea, or empirical research focusing on muslim society, which covers: a) Economic, b) Education, c) Communication, d) Islamic institution, e) customs or tradition in Islam community, f) Sociology, and g) Humaniora.
  2. The submission has not been previously published in full text or apart of it.
  3. The submission is original, neither a compilation nor a translation.
  4. The article a) is possible in English, b) use Times New Roman 12-pt font, c) is in 1.5 spacing line, d) endnote, and e) is no longer  than 17-25 pages (included bibliography) in A4 paper size.
  5. It is strongly recommend the submission of articles and accompanying documents is in file doc or rtf or docx to our e-mail ijtimaiyya@gmail.com, ijtimaiyya@iainpurwokerto.ac.id
  6. Three exemplars of journal and a single printing will be given for the journal writers.
  7. There will not be a returning unpublished subscription.
  8. Title : The title of the article describe sexactly the problem of the research. It need sappropriat ediction; contains the main points; and arouses there aders curiosity. The article should be a research product and the title should show the connection between variable which isused in the research. It consists between 5 to 15 words.
  9. Writer’s name : The name should be without any academic or non-academic degree. It is followed by the institution and its address and it is ended by email address
  10. Abstract and keywords : Abstract contains the problem of the research or aim sof the research, with essay formal (not enumerative). Abstract is written in one space typing and it is narrow erthan the main text. Abstract should be completed by 3-5 keywords, terms that represent ideas or the main concept. The keywords are normally basic words. Meanwhile or some cases it may use compound word or two-word formation, for example: children development, developing country, etc
  11. Introduction : Introduction contains the things that attract there aderandit gives context for the problem. The introduction part should been ded with a short formula (1-2 sentences) about the main points that is discussed and the aim sof the discussion
  12. Method : This part contains the methods that are used in there search. Methods consist of the explanation about kinds of research, research approach, and location of there search (for field research), data collecting method, and data analysis. The description is in narration form
  13. Content : This part contains the description, analysis, argumentation, and the writer’s point of view about the problem. For detail understanding, this part could be devided into some sub titles
  14. Conclusion : The conclusion part consists of short explanation or systematic and short answers of the problems. Normally, it is ended by suggestion sor further possible research that might be done
  15. References : The list of references consists of references that are mentioned in the body of the article. The bibliography could be text books, journal articles, papers, laws, and other import ant and accurates documents

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.