Focus and Scope


Al-Ma'mun: Jurnal Kajian Kepustakawanan dan Informasi is a periodical publication of in general, covers all subjects regarding of librarianship, information, and archieve sciences.


Al-Ma'mun: Jurnal Kajian Kepustakawanan dan Informasi Scientific work or articles published are the results of studies or research that can be sourced from literature studies, field studies, experiments, implementations of concepts, theories and models in the field of library and information. The examples of the covered research areas as follows;

1. digital library,
2. information retrieval tools,
3. academic libraries,
4. school libraries,
5. special libraries,
6. information sources and services,
7. information science
8. integrated library system,
9. bibliometrics,
10. webometrics,
11. infometrics, scientometrics,
12. ICT in library,
13. archieve science,
14. etc., related to its main subject areas