Abstract: Gus Dur is son of a great kiai, grandson of K.H. Hasyim Ashari, caretaker of Pondok Pesantren Tebuireng and son of former Minister of Religious Affairs in the cabinet of Sukarno. He is a controversial and eccentric figure. Gus Dur asralism figure capable of flapping wings in five fields at once; religion, democracy, ideology, culture, and politics. Frequently his attitudes and actions confuse great kiais. Moreover, his students as a large part of the community based nahdliyyin stress, unable to understand his flow of thought and action. When Gus Dur became president, he appearing on the front line to teach the people of Indonesia for practicing "true democracy". When criticized by those who are opposed, he was ready to accept it, to not retaliate in any way (al-though to be president). His thoughts, attitudes and actions are always consistent, in order to straighten out the way ideology, culture and politics.
 Keywords: Gus Dur, religion, democracy, ideology, culture and politics.