Abstract: The development of aromatic sensor array instrument for the detection of alcohol in perfume. The research was conducted by developing the sensor array using 8 sensors made of metal oxide semiconductor. The sensor types used in this study consisted of TGS 813, TGS 822, TGS 2600, TGS 826, TGS 2611, TGS 2620, TGS 2612 and TGS 2602. Response patterns of 8 sensors formed a sensor array pattern used to detect the aroma of 2 groups of samples perfume made from the essential oil of ginger. The first sample group is pure ginger atsiri oil without mixed alcohol. The second sample group was made from the ginger atsiri oil mixed with alcohol with a level of 0.02 M.
The results of the data recording show that the developed instrument is able to dissect the first sample group with the second sample group. Data analysis using principal component analysis method (PCA shows that the instrument is able to distinguish the contaminated alcohol perfume group 0.2 M with the alcohol-free perfume group with 100% accuracy.
Keywords: Sensor Aroma, Perfume.