Islamic education is not only focussed on physical problems such as cognitive but also on spiritualilty which the mind’s ability that is build in tasawuf by tarekat way. Qadiriyah is a taken from the name of its founder Abd. Al-Qadir Jilani who is popular with Syekh Abd. Al-Qadir Jilani Al-Ghawsts atau Quthb Auliya. Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir is athe founder of spiritual which is masive and organized well. Before Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir Jilani, Islamic spiritual is individual and not well-organized. According to Al Sya’rani, the form and characteristic of Tarekat Syaikh Abd. Al-Qadir is tauhid . The way to achieve the syariat is by spritual and mental activities. The Syaikh Abd. Al-Qadir Al-Jilani always emphasizes on purificstion from the men’s desire. Some of the lessons are taubat, zuhud, tawakal, syukur, ridha and honest. 
Key Words : Islamic Education, Tarekat, Qadiriyah