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Hypno leadershipis the role of a leader in doing hypnosis so that a leader can command his followers to do something for a particular purpose. With the existence of Hypno leadership, the influence of the leader is felt by his followers. A leader must have the ability to influence others especially against those who follow him. The characteristics a leader must have is a leader must be strong, the second is a leader must have a clear vision, the third a leader must be trustworthy, and the last is a leader must be able to respect other people. To use the ability of Hypno leadership, it must be able to understand the basic principles of dealing with people: People are attracted to themselves, not to you, The innermost principle of human nature is the need to be respected. Everyone wants to be important. The more you make the person feel important the more responsive they will be to you.


Hypno leadership, headmaster and role

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