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Leadeship represent something that should be possessed by each leader of an organization. The effectiveness of a leader is detemined by his ability to influence and direct the members of the organization. With regards to education, education is a complex and dynamic. Complex because they involve multiple components, and dynamically because education can change with the times into a better direction. In education in schools needed a leader to manage traffic course of the learning process. It is related to leadership. Leadership is a person's ability to convince others that the other person would willingly invited to exercise his will or his ideas. The foundation of effective leadership is thinking about the vision and mission of the organization, defining, and menegakannya clearly and conspicuously. Leaders set goals, set priorities, and establish and monitor standards. Educational leadership is an ability and a process of influencing, guiding, coordinating, and mobilizing others that have to do with the development of science education and implementation of education and teaching, so that the activities undertaken can be more efficient and effective in achieving the objectives of education and teaching.


Management, Personality and Leadership Education

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