Jurnal Kependidikan http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan <p>Jurnal Kependidikan is a scientific journal with a focus on the study of thinking, research, management, and evaluation of education. The focus of unpublished journal studies, whether in the form of articles, translations, reviews, or research results.</p> Kelompok Kajian Pendidikan Ikatan Alumni IAIN Purwokerto en-US Jurnal Kependidikan 2355-018X Pengembangan Keterampilan Berbicara dengan Metode Role Playing pada Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Arab http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1237 <p><em>There are some problems in the learning process, for example: Students look less interested and motivated to follow the lesson, the teacher gets difficulties in arising student interest, and most students have difficulty and fear to express opinions and perform in front of the class. This condition causes students’ achievement to decrease. Such condition happen in the Arabic learning process in Madrasah Aliyah and to handle it, there should be an appropriate learning method to build effective and efficient learning. A method of learning that can be developed is role playing. Role playing is a method directed at solving problems related to human relationships, especially those involving student life in schools. Role playing can also train good and correct language mastery and strengthening competence in creative and innovative language and make students more mature in learning Arabic and behaving in their environment.</em></p> Nurul Hidayah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 1 10 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1237 Pendidikan Islam dan Fenomena Radikalisme Agama http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1238 <p><em>Religious radicalism is a great theme in society. This theme is not only present in industrial society, but also in agrarian society, farmers, and even intellectuals. The phenomenon of radicalism is a problem that needs to find a way out because it is massive and difficult to control. The role of the state in tackling radicalism can be done through welfare, and protecting all citizens regardless of race, race, and religion. However, the thing that happens in society is that the rich get richer and the poorer the poorer, which can lead to the emergence of radicalism. Some of the strategies in responding to the emergence of radicalism include: The use of military channels, the use of counter arguments, improving welfare by making improvements in the social, economic, political and cultural fields, counter-use of violence / insurrection by spreading the idea of ​​world peace.</em></p> Abdul Kholik ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 11 24 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1238 Implementasi Metode Bernyanyi dalam Pembelajaran Mufradāt http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1240 <p><em>Language is a system of sound symbol used by a particular group of people to communicate and interact. The success of language learning is influenced by the learning method, which facilitate the ease of learning. One aspect of Arabic language learning is mufradāt. Mufradāt is a means or medium for learning Arabic, not the goal of learning Arabic. </em><em>However, there is no doubt that vocabulary (mufradāt) is important in the learning a foreign language, not the exception, Arabic. The application of the singing method, i.e. introducing a new song to students and facilitating them to sing the song completely and verse to verse, is expected to be able to increase reference and improve the quality of learning Arabic, especially in learning mufradāt.</em></p> Ahmad Qomaruddin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 25 36 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1240 Gaya Kepemimpinan berbasis Emotional Intelligence http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1241 <p><em>This paper is intended to provide input to school principals or leaders of educational institutions to not only pay attention to aspects of intellectual and spiritual intelligence in the use of leadership style, but also attention to aspects of emotional intelligence because this aspect has an important role in interacting with subordinates. Emotional intelligence is interpreted as the ability to listen to emotional whispers, and make it an important source of information to understand yourself and others to achieve a goal. If the principal can use this emotional intelligence well, the emotional relationship between the principal and teachers and employees will always be maintained and is expected to improve the performance of subordinates in achieving organizational goals. There are six leadership styles based on emotional intelligence mentioned by Goleman, i.e. visionary , mentor, affiliative, democratic, speed determinant, and authoritarian leadership styles. However, the principle should apply this styles of leadership proportionaly.</em></p> Hamim Tohari ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 37 54 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1241 Konsep Pendidikan Akhlak Anak Perspektif Imam Al Ghazali http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1252 <p>Imam Al Ghazali is a figure with a unique and revolutionary style of thinking. He also contributed a lot of thought about moral education. Family environment is very dominant in fostering moral education and moral education should start from the family because little children spend more time in the family environment than outside the home. To form a noble character, should the child's moral planting done early on as a foundation to live his life in the future. This paper aims to describe how the concept of moral education of children according to Imam Al Ghazali.</p> Eko Setiawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 55 70 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1252 Penanggulangan Kenakalan Remaja melalui Pendidikan Agama Islam http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1253 <p>This paper is intended to describe the strategy of juvenile delinquency management through Islamic education. Islamic education, which contains a series of materials and activities, will instill positive things in students, by which&nbsp; juvenile delinquency is prevented. Juvenile delinquency is influenced by internal, i.e.&nbsp; religious education in the family, and external factors, i.e. religious education in society. Through Islamic education at school, students gain religious knowledge as self prevention from a negative influence. The activities includes stuedies with specific themes, such as fiqh for woman and other activities in ROHIS organization. Such activities can enhance faith and piety.</p> Yusriyah Yusriyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 71 86 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1253 Implementasi Metode Kisah dalam Pembelajaran Akidah Akhlak di Madrasah Aliyah http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1255 <p>Learning is influenced by several components, such as educators, learners, learning materials, learning methods, infrastructure and the environment. Learning method has a very important role for the achievement of goals, because without methods, the subject matter can not be delivered effectively. Among the methods that are effective in education on the subjects of Akidah Akhlak is the story method. The technique used in this method is to reveal historical events originating from the Qur'an containing moral, spiritual, and social values, both on stories of goodness and injustice. This is a qualitative research and the main&nbsp; data is related to Akidah Akhlak Learning of&nbsp; in MAN 2 Banyumas. The data were obtained through observation, interview and documentation. The application of story method in akidah akhlak learning in MAN 2 Banyumas represents a variation in the learning process and is expected to help educators in delivering the subject matter. through this method,students will be moremore enthusiastic and more easily understand the material during the learning process.</p> M Irfangi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 87 104 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1255 Paradigma Pengembangan Kurikulum Pendidikan Agama Islam di Sekolah (Analisis berbagai Kritik terhadap PAI) http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1256 <p>The present Islamic Education have some weaknessess that there should be some ideas for innovation to foster its progress. In the early period, Islamic education was presented in mosques, but nowadays it has been developed into well-managed institution, i.e. school (madrasah). Beside madrasah, which is based on religion, Islamic education is also included to the curriculum of formal education, although the portion is not as much as in madrasah. Since Islamic education is still developing, there are many criticism addressed to Islamic education.</p> Khuzaimah Khuzaimah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 105 118 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1256 Strategi Peningkatan Hasil Ujian Nasional di SMP Al Irsyad Al Islamiyyah Purwokerto Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017 http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1257 <p>National Examination is one of the indicators of school quality. Therefore, efforts to improve the national exam results are important for schools as part of quality assurance. This study aims to find out the strategy of SMP Al Irsyad Al Islamyyah Purwokerto in improving the results of National Examination. This is a qualitative study with a case study approach. Source of the data are informants and document archives. Data were obtained through interview and documentation and their validity was achieved through triangulation of source. Steps of data analysis were data reduction, data presentation and verification. The results of this study indicate that: (1) The strategy in improving the results of national examination conducted by SMP Al Irsyad has been good enough, covering academic fields (academic matriculation, afternoon tutoring, try out, intensive study guidance, peer tutor and night study) and non-academic field (commitment day, inviting inspirative figures, fun class managers, out bond and prayer together before the National Examination); (2) Optimal implementation of strategies that have been arranged; (3) The obstacles related to improving the national exam results are: students' boredom, students' different characters, and weather conditions.</p> Machfudh Fathoni ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 119 134 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1257 Metode Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab (Studi Kasus di Pondok Modern Zam-Zam Muhammadiyah Cilongok Banyumas) http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1258 <p>Arabic is the language of Muslim’s holy book, and reading&nbsp; it is obligatory for Muslims. In Islamic education, Arabic is the language that should be mastered as a means of understanding the original texts of the source of Islamic law. One of the important thing in learning Arabic is the method. Zam-Zam Muhammadiyyah Modern Islamic Boarding School implements a diffent model and method of learning Arabic compared to other Islamic boarding schools in the district of Cilongok. This is a qualitative research, through a case study using interview, observation and documentation techniques for collecting data and interactive analysis for analying data. The findings of this research are three models of Arabic learning in Pondok Pesantren. The first model is khiwar or muhadatsah, the second is mufrodat walls intended to make students familiar with Arabic vocabulary, and the third is Lughoh. The method and model of Arabic learning in the institution as described above is a combined method. There are at least three methods used, i.e. Communicative Problem-Based Learning Method, Audiolingual Method, and Grammar-Translation Method.</p> Kusnan Kusnan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 135 150 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1258 Manajemen Kegiatan Ekstrakurikuler di SD Al Irsyad 01 Purwokerto http://ejournal.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/index.php/jurnalkependidikan/article/view/1260 <p>The study was aimed at describing the management function of extracurricular activities in Al Irsyad 01 Elementary School of Purwokerto along with supporting and inhibiting factors in the implementation of such activities. This is a qualitative descriptive research with case study as research approach. Data collection is done by in-depth interview, documentation, and participant observation. To maintain the validity of the data, this study uses extension opt-in techniques, observational persistence and triangulation. The findings of this study indicate the existence of an extracurricular activity program conducted by the school for one academic year, the existence of organizational structure on each type of extracurricular activities, including the process of planning, implemention, and evaluation of extracurricular activities.</p> Slamet Nuryanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 5 1 151 168 10.24090/jk.v5i1.1260