Abstract: Gender issue in  pesantren (or Islamic Boarding School) is a part of larger gender problem in Indonesia, either in education and in religion. The main indicator of this problem is vivid gap between males and females.  This issue is actually not a new thing for there are a bunch of Indonesian novels  serve  it.  Those  novels  touching  pesantren in  the  theme usually  put  the  women as  a powerless, subordinated, inferior, marginalized person. However, the novel Perempuan Berkalung Sorban(PBS) tries to empower women. In the novel, the woman is portrayed as brilliant, brave, and also critical toward the pesantren hegemony such as: the power relation between santri (students) and   kiai (teachers), the understanding on classical books (kitab kuning), social relation between men and women in pesantren ciircumstances, and many more.
Kata Kunci: Resistensi, Ideologi, Perempuan, Pesantren